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Chemistry and Pharmaceutics


Chemistry is the central science situated at the nexus between biology and physics, pharmaceuticals and commodity chemicals, semi-conductors and specialty polymeric and inorganic materials. Kraus & Weisert provides a full range of technical skills and experience and is capable of counseling clients in any field of chemistry, pharmacy or materials science.

Kraus & Weisert attorneys are educated as chemists and chemical engineers. Attorneys practicing in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related fields routinely deal with legal problems in organic and inorganic chemistry, chemical processing and plant control, catalysis, metallurgy, food chemistry and preparation, catalysts for petro-chemical processes, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

One of the greatest strengths of Kraus & Weisert is its patent prosecution practice. Almost all of the firm attorneys are active in preparing and prosecuting patent applications. Consequently, Kraus & Weisert has developed a good deal of expertise in dealing with inventors on a personal basis beginning shortly after conception of their ideas. Many large clients with in-house patent departments have come to rely on our ability to effectively prepare patent applications in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals and to successfully prosecute them.


Kraus & Weisert maintains a growing European and foreign prosecution practice involving chemical and pharmaceutical inventions. We assist clients with procuring and enforcing intellectual property rights in the field of food processing and additives, food manufacturing, animal food and pharmacology and non-woven textiles. We also prepare and prosecute patent applications and obtain patents directed to inventions involving combinatorial chemistry, alloy compositions, surface chemistry, molecular diagnostics, artificial skin and bone-mending materials, compounds having dental applications, pharmaceutical compounds and methods of medical treatment, laser applications in medicine, drug delivery devices and implants, capacitors, electrolytic solutions, batteries, polymers, food chemistry and preparation, artificial heart valves and liquid crystals.

Kraus & Weisert also has in-depth experience in patent litigation including technical areas of pharmaceuticals, polymer chemistry, methods of shaping plastics and optical lenses. Thus, for example, Kraus & Weisert has played a significant role in a patent infringement dispute concerning COX II-inhibitors, covering the whole of Europe.


In summary, from semi-conductors and chemical components used to produce them, from specialty polymers and polymer-inorganic composites, from fuel cell technology to small molecule pharmaceuticals, Kraus & Weisert patent prosecutors can handle the client′s technology and translate the inventions into commercially viable patents, whereas Kraus & Weisert′s skilled IP litigation team has successfully protected clients against patent challenges or represented them in infringement proceedings.

Finally, Kraus & Weisert routinely negotiates licensing and cross-licensing deals to leverage intellectual property rights in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals and to maximize the value of our clients’ core technology.