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Interview of the Handelsblatt

We are happy and proud that the merger of KRAUS & WEISERT and LEDERER & KELLER was recognized in the supplement "Herz und Zukunft der deutschen Wirtschaft" in edition 22 (12/23) of the Handelsblatt in the form of an interview with Dr Claus Beckmann and Dr Michael Best ("Wir schützen Innovationen").
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It is with great pleasure that we inform you of an important development in our firm.

After an intense period of preparation, we are pleased to announce the merger of our firm with the renowned patent law firm LEDERER & KELLER of Munich, Germany, effective 1 January 2024.

Our new partner, LEDERER & KELLER, has built a strong reputation in all aspects of intellectual property since its founding in 1934. With a shared passion for IP and a commitment to excellence, we believe that the synergies of this merger will enable us to offer a broader range of patent attorney services. Our common goal is not only to continue to provide you with first class legal and technical support, but also to expand our service offerings to meet the increasing demands of an ever-changing legal landscape.

From 1 January 2024 we will operate under the name of KRAUS & LEDERER PartGmbB.

This name change not only reflects our shared journey, but also continues to emphasize our unwavering commitment to excellence and continuity in legal services.

The new KRAUS & LEDERER entity will be based in Munich, Germany, in close proximity to the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German Federal Patent Court. With approximately 30 fully qualified IP attorneys, KRAUS & LEDERER is active in all technical fields and has the breadth of expertise to serve our clients in all aspects of IP matters of any complexity.

We value the long-term relationships we have built with our clients and look forward to continuing to serve them in all IP matters as the new Kraus & Lederer entity. The quality and service you have come to expect from us will not change and your trusted contacts will remain the same. It is our top priority to keep you satisfied with us and to maintain a fruitful business relationship.

As of 1 January 2024, please get in touch with us using the following contact details:


Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 15
80539 Munich, Germany

Phone +49 89 29060 0
Fax +49 89 29060 111

Our bank details will remain unchanged.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you in the future.
The Partners of KRAUS & WEISERT


Recap of KRAUS & WEISERT 2023 seminar

A compilation of videos covering the presentations and the Q&A sections of KRAUS & WEISERTs seminar on recent trends in artificial intelligence held on September 12, 2023 can now be found here >>>. The slides can also be downloaded. 

The EPO's "10-day notification rule"

On and after November 1, 2023 the EPO's "10-day notification rule" will no longer apply to communications issued by the EPO.

Thus, if the EPO issues, for instance, a communication pursuant to Article 94(3) EPC on November 5, 2023, this communication will be deemed to be delivered on November 5, 2023. This date starts the four-month period for reply, which accordingly needs to be filed on or before March 5, 2024.

The 10-day rule will continue to apply to communications issued by the EPO on or before October 31, 2023.

Seminar September 12, 2023 Hilton Hotel, Munich

KRAUS & WEISERT is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its second international seminar on “International patent law: Recent trends in Artificial Intelligence – China, Japan, the US and Europe" at the Hilton Hotel in Munich on September 12, 2023.

The seminar provides a unique possibility to obtain first-hand insights from internationally renowned speakers and experienced practitioners.

The topics will cover:
•   Patent practice in the context of AI inventions in different countries
•   Governmental initiatives supporting AI development
•   Problems and pitfalls when using ChatGPT
•   AI Research perspectives, expectations and opportunities: a scientific overview


The speakers will highlight recent developments and trends in these areas.

The panel includes Dr. Michael A. Sartori from McCarter & English, USA; Shengping Yang of Zhifan IP Attorneys, China; Shikato Shunsuke of JETRO Dusseldorf and as a representative of JPO in Europe; and Dr. Johannes Graf Ballestrem of Osborne Clarke, Germany. Dr. Marcel Wever from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich will complement the panel.

We are looking forward to interesting lectures and an inspiring exchange of ideas between IP professionals from around the world.

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KRAUS & WEISERT filed the first opt-out request in history

On March 1, 2023 the sunrise period for opting out EP patents and applications started. KRAUS & WEISERT was ready from the start and filed the first three opt-out requests in the (so far, short) history of the Unified Patent Court. After filing the 19th patent application with the European Patent Office in 1978, this is again proof of our speed and efficiency in handling client matters.

Our partner Dr. Claus Beckmann who overlooked the setting up of our IT systems says: "We successfully opted out the first EP patent 8 minutes after the start of the system. Of course, we will follow the hopefully exiting development of the unitary patent system and Unified patent court and be ready to act for our clients." (see also here >>>)